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How do I get an account?
Make a commitment or submit a story of giving to get a MyCommitment.org account.

What is my username and password?
If you have already submitted a story or made a commitment, your username is the email address you entered when you submitted the story or made the commitment. You should have received an email with your password.

What if I forgot my password or can't find the email?
No problem! Click on the "Request New Password" button and we'll email a new one to you.

When and why should I log in?
If you have a user account (and you do if you've submitted a story or made a commitment in the past!), login right away! If you already have a user account and you attempt to submit a story without logging in first, you'll be asked to login when you click "submit" and you'll need to re-enter your story.

Your login is your connection to the MyCommitment community. It's how your stories and commitments stay linked to you, and how you can come back in and mark your commitments complete!


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