Using journalism and communication to make the world a better place

Mathew Hulbert

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I commit to making the world a fairer, better, and greener place, by using my skills as a journalist and communicator.
I'll use the media platofrms I have at my disposal, and my public speeches, to promote the causes of an end to poverty, of an end to Human Trafficking, of peaceful and diplomatic endings to conflicts, and of equality and an end to all forms of discrimination.


Hi Mathew, I commend you for

Hi Mathew,
I commend you for your commitment to use journalism and communication to make our world a better place for all; and I pray you get the required support for this worthy cause.
I'm a journlist and a communicator in my home country, Ghana; and I'm committed to the ideals you share. I write for the "Daily Graphic", Ghana's leading daily.


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