The SOLE (Service Oriented Leadership Experience) foundation

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CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Human Rights & Peace

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Student Group
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Human Rights & Peace
  • Hours Committed: 5 hours/week


Initiatives: SOLE will become a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting social justice and social welfare amongst youth and families, as well as prepare people for a resplendent future through education and collaborations in order to build a proficient community. We will conduct meetings monthly by inviting different speakers and professionals to speak on behalf of the issues that are prominent within the community, such as: Child and Domestic Abuse, Finance and Money Management, Employment Opportunities, Educational Advancements, and Counseling alongside Health Awareness. This will allow the members of the community to gain knowledge and learn skills on various aspects for improving their lives; as well as allow us to build leadership experiences. Additionally, SOLE members/officers will attend workshops, seminars, and conferences about leadership/service qualities, in order to learn skills about serving the community in more effective ways.


SOLE will accomplish our goals through each of the following: a. incorporate volunteers, students, and community members, in hopes to produce a more competent community b. achieve awareness within a community about prominent issues. c. provide resources that are responsive to their needs and interests. d. raise at least $15000 to help provide some of the services mentioned in our goals through sponsorships, bake sales, etc. e. have a significant effect in at least 500 people combined, in all communities that received services SOLE has developed various techniques and approach that we plan on utilizing in different communities. SOLE ACTIVITIES- The SOLE Initiative- Approach will utilize SOLE Resource Agents, where we will create a collaboration of people in various fields, in order to inform the community about their options and alternatives in various areas of their lives. 1. Find resources ranging from professionals, to students who are well-informed and are capable of speaking about relevant topics that will create awareness within individuals who will effect change within their respective communities. 2. We plan on accomplishing this through the monthly meetings, including: A. The CDA (Child & Domestic Abuse) SOLE meeting- which will have speakers talk about Child/ Domestic Abuse, awareness and prevention, with the incorporation of counseling. B. The Financial SOLE- includes Financial advising, managing money, budgeting bills, savings and investments. C. The Job Alliance SOLE- will aim to connect a variety of employers to establish possible employment opportunities for community residents; SOLE representatives and volunteers could also distribute tips on interviewing skills, resume creation, as well as incorporating communication techniques that are important during an interview. D. The Educational Advancing SOLE- will connect residents who wish to attain higher levels of education according to their unique interests to the appropriate institutions. E. The Healthy SOLE- involves connecting people with affordable health resources, including but not limited to health insurance for themselves and family members. A lot of the problems faced in our underprivileged communities are based on some of these common issues. SOLE will attempt to incorporate solutions in order to decrease and eliminate some of these problems. SOLE Solution: Drug- more police collaborations, such as neighborhood watches; increase neighborhood awareness through flyers, community meetings, billboard signs, online Crime rate and violence- make a newsletter for informing the neighborhood about certain crimes, and techniques for prevention, such as walk-home partner. The oppressed- job fairs, linked to educational programs to help with classes about appropriate speaking and interviewing techniques, as well as educational resources so that they can obtain a job. Abuse- Workshops for parents or to-be-parents. Parenting techniques, attend classes for alternative ways to reprimand child so as not to resort to child abuse or maltreatment, required parent-conference for first three das of school to be introduced to what their child will be learning that year. Domestic Abuse- college students in relationships, get people to share stories After school program- mentors aimed towards at risk youth The SOLE effectiveness within the community: As part of CGI, SOLE has to develop a way to measure our initiatives and their effectiveness. We will do this by measuring the statistics of the effectiveness and progress of SOLE in people



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