Evaluating Women's Health Services in Nigeria

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CGI-U 2008

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Individual
  • Target: International Challenges
  • Focus Area: Global Health
  • Hours Committed: 40 hours/week


I plan to raise enough funds (~$3,000) to travel to Nigeria for the whole of next summer. I will live and work in the communities surrounding the hospitals for approximately 12 weeks. I will partner with the Bixby Center for Reproductive Health, which is a program run by UC Berkeley and UCSF, to utilize their data collection devices, survey tools, and other important information-seeking sources. Working with the American doctor who heads the US members of the team, I will analyze the data and begin to form strategies and adaptations of the existing programs. Finally, if we can prove that the programs are, in fact, successful and able to be reproduced, I will establish a framework and a protocol for each program that can be shared with the Global Health community at large.


As a student in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, I will take advantage of the funding resources available to me and will apply for grants and loans to make the logistics of my trip feasible. I will continue to initiate contact with the Bixby Center on campus, in order to facilitate positive relationships and access to their resources. I will also continue to be trained in needs assessment and program evaluation, which are skills that I believe will be useful once in the field. I will meet weekly with Dr. Laura Stachel, the American doctor who heads the team, in preparation for our trip to Nigeria. I will continue to meet with her while we are in Nigeria, and I will obviously work with her when we are back in Berkeley to analyze the data. Following our analysis, I will work with all members of the team, the Bixby Center, and other professors within my school to create, publish, and share the information that we learn.



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