Hoops and Hopes

Andrew Agnew,

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Education

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Student Group
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Hours Committed: 250 hours/week


Our immediate goal is to create another DePaul chapter of Hoops and Hopes within another part of the Austin community. We have already been in touch with both DePaul volunteers and a community partner. The implementation of this new program will help to support the validity of our existing program. Our next goal is to implement chapters of this program with three other Chicago-based universities. Then, we would like to contact national organizations in order to explore possible partnerships to spread the success of the Program to other cities.


Based on their Chicago location and existing service opportunities, we believe that Loyola University of Chicago, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago would be good fits for our program. We intend to identify student volunteers at these schools that are willing to become involved with Hoops and Hopes. We will move on to meet with community service organizers and neighborhood schools to explain our program and the steps it will take to begin programs in new schools. If the universities have existing partnerships and similar programs, our involvement will include incorporating Hoops and Hopes methods and principles to improve their program. We will then have regular meetings with any new program in order to be sure that it gets up and running and continues the success our program has experienced. We plan to create a pamphlet that would outline the Hoops and Hopes Program and the things that made ours a success and give it to those interested groups. This document will include personal stories of both college students and the students that we serve. We believe that universities will be interested in this initiative because it gives college students a fun way of doing community service as well as the chance to positively influence young people in the surrounding area. We also plan to offer guidance to start these programs, to ensure that each group



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