Hope in Haiti

Andrew Agnew,

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Alleviating Poverty

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Individual
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Alleviating Poverty
  • Hours Committed: 5 hours/week


I plan to gather over 300 boxes of clothing to send to Haiti to help those who cannot afford their own clothes. I will promote a personal hygiene collection on St. Mary's campus to help provide necessities that people in Haiti do not have access to or cannot afford. I hope to raise awareness of the problems in Haiti by reaching all students on campus, both Undergraduate and Graduate, through events, emails, and posters. I hope to get the commitment of at least 20 Alumni Clubs, where they can host movie watches, get speakers, attend our events, pledge money and contribute donations to our collections. I will host a 'Haiti Awareness Week' that has a full week of scheduled events. I will work with Hall President's Council and Student Government to make sure these events are attended and carry over into the dorm life on campus for discussions or possible movie watches and lectures of their own to create a whole month of awareness on campus.


I will hold clothing drives, hygiene product drives, and informative meetings on campus by working with Student Government, the Alumni Association, Hall President's Council and staff and faculty. I will work with the Haiti Working Group and Dr. Paul Wright to get these clothes distributed to the areas with greatest need. As an active member of Student Government, I will advertise among students and faculty to collect clothing and products both in dorms, at the bookstore, and other convenient campus locations. As a student employee of the Alumni Association, I will contact Alumni Clubs and ask for donations of clothing, hygiene products, and funds to make this drive a success. I will also advocate and publicize the lectures, discussions, and movie screenings/other events through Student Government as well. I will put signs on the quads with facts about the dire situation of those in Haiti to give people basic information and have fliers and posters with information and events as well. I will have the newspaper write an article on our week of events and collection to reach students even further. I will also publicize on facebook and Notre Dame school sponsored websites. After the collection period has been terminated, I will work with volunteers to package the clothing and hygiene products into boxes provided by the Dining Halls and will have a truck arranged by Dr. Wright to pick up all of the boxes which he will eventually fly down to Haiti via a military plane. For the Awareness week, we will have 7 events, one on each day, including food/culture lessons, movies, speakers, and a Haitian craft sale in our student center. I will plan dates and organize in accordance with volunteers and the Haiti Working Group on campus. I will inspire others to get involved by reminding them of our common humanity and call to help those in need. I will remind both students and alumni how lucky they are to be receiving or to have recieved an education at such a wonderful University and just how much they have been given, and show them ways in which they can give back. Heightening awareness on campus and offering various ways in which students can get involved is sure to increase participation.



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