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It is always a challenge to make structural changes to universities and I understand that this commitment would take many months (maybe years) to become truly accepted at the institution. Under these pretenses I hope to build a strong foundation for future growth. There are two areas that I need to be successful in: creating the infrastructure necessary for students and classes to interact with each other efficiently and lobbying support from faculty and administration to engage in the program. Seeing these two areas there are several goals I can set for the program. By the end of January 2009: 1) Recruit interested students with varying skills to help with the program 2) Have a clear direction for the program and a game plan on how to accomplish our goals By the end of April 2009: 3) Have met with all of the Deans of all undergraduate faculties to lobby their support 4) Have met or contact 50% of the Department Heads (Arts and Science only) to lobby their support 5) Have made a presentation to the UBC Senate explaining the program and lobbying their support 6) Have met and discussed the proposal with Nobel Laureate Dr. Carl Wieman. Dr. Carl Wieman is leading research into improving undergraduate science education and his support would be invaluable. 7) Have created the infrastructure for students and classes to begin the program At the start of September 2009: 8) Have 1000 students enrolled in courses that are going to be using the program


I have already taken steps to achieve my commitment. I recently was one of 9 individuals to participate in the first annual Terry Talks at UBC (http://www.terry.ubc.ca/terrytalks/). This was an opportunity me to give a 20 minute presentation to a room of 300 students and faculty expressing my concerns regarding education, integration, and global citizenship. Along with my presentation each speaker submitted a



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