Creating a Supportive Service Community at RIT

Carolyn Dunne, Rochester Institute Of Technology

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Education

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Individual
  • Target: Domestic and International Challenges
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Hours Committed: 300 hours/week


Although we were not able to have students other than myself attending the 2009 conference, President Bill Destler of RIT will be in attendance, which has the potential to increase the visibility of CGI U at our campus. At our first official CGI U meeting, however, we did have a representative from the Student Environmental Action League (SEAL) in attendance who felt that promoting their organization's continued relationship with CGI U would be in both organization


I am looking for the entire campus to be involved in various projects. Although someone may feel a deeper connection to Roteract I want them to feel completely comfortable with volunteering to help at a SEAL event, and vice versa. With this knowledge that it is encouraged to help other worthy organizations, I hope to increase both the number of people volunteering on campus in addition to the number of times per year that the average RIT student gives back to a community, be it RIT, Rochester, or as part on a national or international effort. I will be communicating with as many major service organizations as possible on campus and looking to discuss how several organizations can coordinate their efforts in the best way possible (ie. not having two events related to World Poverty on the same night). I would love to get the larger Rochester community involved in future years, but for now CGI U needs to become more visible and credible on the RIT campus. I want to inspire others to get involved by promoting every event that I can that is endorsed by CGI U and any person's Commitment to Action. Based upon the information provided to me at our first meeting, individual who were interested in CGI U were, on average, extremely involved in various organizations. Interested students are members or leaders within the following organizations on campus:



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