Zawadi Nyanza Education Fund

SummaPermat SummaPermat,

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Education

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Student Group
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Hours Committed: 3 hours/week


By freeing these children from the distractions caused by poverty, we hope to give them an opportunity to tap into their full potential and pursue their dreams. We are not just aiming at facilitating their education but we also want to inspire, empower and mold them into great leaders that Africa is badly in need of. They will be responsible for uplifting their communities and eradicating poverty. We hope to nurture people who can stand up against the social vices and injustices in the society and to create role models who can be emulated by future generations. The cost of educating one student in primary school is $500 per year. High school would cost approximately $800 a year. We are sponsoring three students at the moment, one at Father Scheffer Boys Boarding School and the other two are at Oyugis Highlands Boarding school. We hope to sponsor more students in successive years depending on the amount of funds available.


We are individually contributing $50 a month and so far we have managed to raise $450 that covered tuition, books and room and board for the first trimester of 2009 for the three pupils. In addition to our monthly contributions, we are planning to involve various companies and organizations on and off campus. Procter and Gamble, World Vision group, Shell and Coca-cola are some potential organizations and companies that we could approach for funding. We are going to raise awareness on campus during events such as International Education Week and also collaborate with peace and justice programs to raise funds. We will also seek the involvement of students by asking for donations of school supplies and for volunteers who would be willing to help in organizing fundraisers. We are expecting the students we are sponsoring to uphold our mission in their various careers in future. For this year we identified potential beneficiaries through the help of one of our member



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