Advancing Efficiency and Community Awareness of HIV/AIDS Organizations through Cooperation and Integration

Greg Domin,

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Global Health

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Individual
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Global Health
  • Hours Committed: 100 hours/week


Initially, the tangible ambitions of this commitment depend on the programs, groups, and outreach already in place in Central Texas. Maximizing on these organizations and their staff/volunteers as an initial platform, the main goal of this commitment is to generate a permanent communication line between the AIDS/HIV community, residents of Central Texas, volunteers and staff, and organizations in public health. The success of these efforts can be measured through increased volunteerism, better allocation of funds within the organizations, improved services provided to the community, enhanced community awareness, and more developed awareness about the issues facing the HIV/AIDS community (with specific attention to the many universities in Central Texas)


In order to execute this plan, I will first research the numerous organizations, which provide services to the HIV/AIDS community, and make note of specific community classes, services, clinics, testing, and information that is available. I will then map out a detailed database, noting not only the aforementioned information, but also areas of neglect, areas the group wishes were improved, items and quantities needed, as well as present methods of outreach to the community, if applicable. I will then crossmatch the items in this database, citing areas of strength within on group and referencing them to areas of neglect in another organization. I will then contact media outlets, such as local blogs, newspapers, campus flyers and student organizations, community calendars, etc. to determine what information they are displaying about these services. Consequently, I will advocate for increased assistance in raising community awareness of the needs of the community, and inform citizens of volunteer opportunities and community education classes offered. Continuing my communication within these organizations will allow me to provide elongated assistance with their changing needs, as well as ensure that activism progresses as campus populations graduate and incoming students begin to matriculate in Austin. I will partner with the American Red Cross of Central Texas to recruit certified volunteer instructors in Community AIDS education to publicly inform the community in the history of the virus, at-risk communities, the inaccuracies of the common stereotypes, etc. I will also partner with FaceAIDS of Austin, Tx to understand the specific needs of the HIV infected community, and to raise awareness within Austin of how the community at large can provide. I will coordinate these nonprofits with student organizations on the University of Texas at Austin's campus (such as the Red Cross Club) to educate the university community, gather volunteers, and assist in increasing awareness.



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