Students Facilitating Economic Development in Africa

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CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Alleviating Poverty

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Student Group
  • Target: International Challenges
  • Focus Area: Alleviating Poverty
  • Hours Committed: 400 hours/week


The goals of our projects are to enhance awareness of developmental issues on campus as well as to dedicate our time to work with causes the enable development in Africa. The first goal can achieved through our Nigerian oil project. Through the project we will be investigating pertinent issues on the topic and creating discussion between experts on the issue. Nigerian oil is widely recognized as having the ability to do great things for Nigeria as a whole and yet oil


Each of our projects has a different plan of action that is coordinated through SCEEN with a common vision of enhancing development. The plan of action for the Nigerian oil project is to bring four key speakers to Emory to host a special discussion session on the issue. We will work through connections made between EDI and oil companies such as Shell and Chevron to fund the event. This event will hopefully happen in March 2009 and would undoubtedly lead to greater awareness of the issue on the Emory campus and in Atlanta and greater cooperation between experts on the matter. The plan for the Rwandan microcredit project is to write a comprehensive report the will then be given to IBM to inform their decision about microcredit projects in Rwanda. The report will include an interactive map that includes the description and location of all current microcredit organizations in Rwanda as well as an identification of key obstacles that might be encountered. This report will then be presented jointly by SCEEN and EDI to IBM, who has already requested the support of EDI on this project. SCEEN will then follow through with the project, continuing with further needed research and tracking the decisions made by IBM. The plan for the Malian scrubs project is to provide Malian farmers with access to the US market, thus helping them make their businesses more profitable. The farmers and weavers involved in this project produce high-quality medical scrubs from locally grown cotton at prices that are competitive in the US. By providing the Malian farmers with a stable market in America, we allow them to continue producing their goods without any disruption to their daily lives, and make significantly more money than if they tried to sell their goods in Africa. As such, SCEEN plans to work with the farmers and with African Sky to investigate any trade barriers preventing the project from going ahead and also to find customers in the US to whom the scrubs can be sold. We would like to potentially partner with IBM, and Shell and Chevron to complete our micro credit and Nigerian oil projects, respectively. We seek motivated, committed and creative individuals to get involved with SCEEN. By presenting the projects we have completed so far, we hope to inspire other students to take advantage of the skills and academic resources at their disposal to complete meaningful projects for NGOs and nonprofits.



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