Educational Opportunities for Impoverished Panamanian Girls

Lyzel Marallag,

CGI-U 2008

Time    TowardGift of Education

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Commitment Information

  • Type: Student Group
  • Target: Domestic Challenges
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Hours Committed: 5 hours/week


The journey to reach our goals will start at the University of Texas with the help of students committed to improving our world. Through our fundraising efforts, such as a silent auction, benefit dinner, fundraising letters, and other initiatives, we plan to raise at least $500 by the end of 2009 to provide a tutor for the girls. Having a tutor available to help the girls with their school work and provide more specialized attention will greatly improve the quality of their current schooling. The $500 will pay for about 100 hours worth of tutoring in the areas of Math, English and Computer Science We also plan to raise an additional $500 that will go towards establishing positive after-school programs for the girls. We will work with the Dharma Foundation based in Panama to create an art program and an athletic program in which the girls will have the opportunity to participate. It is important to not only focus on the academics of the students but also the extracurricular activities that foster creative minds and healthy bodies. Also with the help of dedicated university students we will establish our mentor-like pen pal program with the girls. They will be able to exchange information about the activities they are doing and the subjects they are learning. Only girls older than the age of 12 will be able to participate in the program, since this will decrease the amount of girls needing computers. Additionally, these girls will benefit the most from a pen pal program. We think that it is especially important for these girls to see and interact with young women and men who are committed to their education and to serving the community and the world. Although a great distance may separate us, our encouragement will stay with the girls throughout their schooling through this pen pal program. We hope to inspire them to strive to set high goals for themselves and work enthusiastically to achieve them despite their circumstances.


We will recruit students to join our commitment to promote education through various programs at the University of Texas such as the Bridging Disciplines Program and the Global Leadership Center. The Bridging Disciplines Program offers students unique ways to enrich their undergraduate education such as becoming involved in an organization like ours; we can raise awareness and recruit support through information sessions and course credit opportunities given to the BDP



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