We Want to Hear From You

We are pleased to launch the first version of MyCommitment.org. Through this site we are hoping to inspire and grow a grassroots movement around public service, but we can't do that without YOU.more

Juggling Political, Security, And Economic Needs After Conflicts

Today's first Poverty Alleviation session was "Emerging from Crisis and Investing in the Future," focusing on post-conflict economic reconstruction.


Internet Truth

At the end of his powerful, off the cuff remarks about climate change yesterday, Al Gore insisted that it was time to look people unblinkingly in the eye and tell the truth.


Creating Jobs By Empowering Individuals

Today's first Poverty Alleviation session was "Increasing Our Reach through Public-Private Partnerships." One of the speakers, Ciudad Saludable Executive Dir more

Towards Sustainable Systems of Health Care

One certainty of global health meetings is that you will hear a version of: "we have affordable interventions that save lives; we just don't deliver them to people." Panelists at today's afternoon more

Early Hours

There are always celebrity sightings at high profile meetings like this, but I was probably the only person who felt a mild palpitation at seeing Peter Stoyanov< more

Opening Plenary

The Opening Plenary began in earnest as Clinton introduced his panelists. They included not only the announced guests (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippines; H.


Clinton Announces MyCommmitment.org: 'Everyone Who's Watching Can Participate'

This morning, President Clinton opened the third annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting by announcing that people not at the meeting in New York will be able to participate and make commitments o more


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