A painter, I wish to donate my artwork to benefit children globally

Chitra Ramanathan, Indiana

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I am a mid career contemporary Indian American woman artist/educator. I have taught courses and workshops Acrylics and Mixed-media Painting, my choice media for my original paintings, at the Indianapolis Art Center. My body of thematic paintings portray happiness as a visual entity with a "formless form", a phrase I coined to describe my concept. Several pieces from this series have been acquired by individual and corporate collections including donation to educational institutions.

I have completed site-specific public art projects to organizations such as the MGM Mirage. Donations of my work towards charity benefit auctions include the Madame C.J.Walker Theater Center's 80th Anniversary in 2006, and a custom painting based on the 1979 Hollywood film "Breaking Away for the Indianapolis International Film Festival 2008.

I receive a Bachelors degree in Painting and M.B.A from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
I would be happy to donate my work to benefit the Clinton Foundation.

My web site: http://www.chitraramanathan.com

Recent commitment:

"Success in the visual arts" for Art With a Heart, Indianapolis
Monday January 19, all-day event. Web site: http://www.usaservice.org/page/event/detail/4jv37


An Asian American woman

An Asian American woman artist who has created representational art since childhood, my current foray into abstraction helps me pursue my ongoing journey as a visual artist with an independent means of expressing my ideas.

Web site:

Web site: http://www.chitraramanathan.com

I am inspired by this

I am inspired by this commitment. Perhaps your work can help raise funds for our PROJECT GIFT OF A GOOD READ or you may present your works at our Festival of ASrts in San Diego in August, where we shall also demonstrate to the community the work we are doing for the PROJECT GIFT OF A GOOD READ.

I can give you more details about project which is to put in the hands of a young child a book that is sound, developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant.
My email address is recherchepraxis@yahoo.ca. Send me a blank post so I can email you details of our PROJECT GIFT OF A GOOD READ TO A YOUNG CHILD TODAY. We're starting in Asia, with the Philippines.

Thanks very much indeed.

Idrenne LIm- Alparaque
email: recherchepraxis@yahoo.ca


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