MUSICAL CONCERTS;the best way of reaching the youths with hiv/aids informations

Audu Kadir, Nigeria

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I want to start by saying giving is not limited to sharing material things alone.
To commemorate the World Youth Day in August 12, 2007.Batula Youth Movement in collaboration with some other youth focus organisation organised a musical concert. The aim was to use the significance of the day to disseminate information on the various deformities ravaging our young people. The activity was a day open street concert where upcoming artists thrilled the audience to nice music and using the music to pass across HIV information,also there was lectures and drama presentation,experts in the field of HIV and youths were invited to present papers on the issue of youths and HIV,there was also a drama presentation from a group of young talented artiste the lesson of the drama was The need to care for people living with HIV/AIDS.
At the end of the event taht was attended by more than 5000 youth from the 3communities within Mainland LGA,it was evident that they benefitted from the lectures and drama presentation, this is as a result of the different question that were raised at the event.

Challenges:The major challenge we faced was finance, what we gave was the information we could gather as people who are enlightened and we utilised all the resources we had from the group of artistes to the facilitators who are all stakeholders in the development of the young ones in our community.

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