Stop the Worlds Largest Tire Incinerator, in Erie, PA

Dennis Stratton, Pennsylvania

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A company is trying to build a tire incinerator in Erie, PA, and within 500 yards of Lake Erie. There are 5 schools within a mile of it. They plan on burning up to 2 million pounds of tires a day. The resulting emissions as stated in their air emission application given to the PA DEP will be 2 million, 900 thousand pounds a year, or 8000 pounds a day. The emissions will contain Dioxins, Furans, PAHs, PCB, Lead, Zinc, Mercury and a host of others. They also will be removing over 1 million gallons of water a day from Lake Erie with 80% being vaporized and going into the atmosphere.
The DEP is not doing health studies, not looking at the effect to our drinking water, the effect on the fish in the lake, nor to the effect to our farming, and grape industries all along the lake from Erie, to Buffalo NY.
This plant needs to be stopped.

Dennis Stratton

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