15 Reasons to Volunteer:

*Help others

*Make a difference

*Enjoy a meaningful conversation

*Connect with your community

*Feel involved

*Contribute to a cause that you care about

*Use your skills in a productive way

*Develop new skills

*Explore new areas of interest

*Inspire others

*Feel proud of your accomplishment

*Expand your horizons

*Make new friends

*Strengthen your resume

*Feel better about yourself

Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part of giving. With all the different causes and organizations in need of your support, how do you choose where you want to spend your time or money? Where can you be the most helpful? How can you maximize your action and really make a difference? Fortunately, inspiration is only a click away. Check out these five simple ways to get the ball rolling:

1. Browse commitments in progress.

2. Read stories of giving.

3. View our list of 50 Ways to Make a Difference. (This file is a PDF document. Download the free PDF reader here).

4. Hear what President Clinton has to say about the importance of giving.


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